Truck accidents lead to more inspections in West Virginia

Studies planned to determine why these accidents are happening more frequently in certain locations throughout the state.

A recent review by The Herald-Dispatch determined that there have been seven trucking accidents in the past year and a half in a small stretch of Interstate 64. These accidents have all resulted in the trucks rolling over, which places several motorists at the risk of suffering serious injuries if they are involved in the crashes.

The particular area of concern is near Huntington. When analyzing the trucking accidents that occurred, it has been determined that in many cases, the cargo of the vehicles may have played a role in the crashes. Truck drivers have either been traveling too fast through the region, or, failed to properly secure their loads before heading out.

The West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) has been concerned about these crashes, and will be devoting more resources to inspect commercial vehicles traveling through the state. The PSC has received a grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal agency responsible for overseeing the trucking industry, to perform these inspections, in the hopes that they can spot some of the unsafe vehicles before they cause serious accidents.

Officials have pledged to focus on the most accident-prone regions, but the stretch of I-64 is not included in the provisional list. The PSC will be active on I-77, I-70, I-81 and the West Virginia Turnpike, as well as several other state highways where accidents have been common. Most of these regions are close to shale drilling jobsites, where there are more trucks traveling into and out of these locations.

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