Motorcycle Accident Litigation

Their speed, lack of padding, proximity to the pavement and difficulty of being seen by other drivers put motorcyclists in a particularly precarious position. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are on the rise:

4,612 motorcyclists died in 2011 in the U.S. This according to NHTSA is a 2 percent increase in rider fatalities over 2010. According to the findings 2,449 (49 percent) of all fatal motorcycle crashes were the result of a bike colliding with another vehicle. Only 6 percent of deaths in 2011 were due to a bike being hit from behind.*

When motorcyclists are injured, the injuries tend to be extremely serious. If you or someone close to you suffered a serious motorcycle injury because of someone's negligence, reach out to our legal team.

We at Johnstone & Gabhart, LLP, are ready to put our half century of combined experience working on motor vehicle accidents to obtain the compensation and accountability you need and deserve if you have been injured due to:

  • Driver negligence
    • Blind spot accidents
    • Rear-end collisions
    • U-turns
    • Sudden lane changes
    • Improper obstructions
    • Distracted drivers (texting/cellphone usage)
  • Municipal liability
  • Repair shop and product liability

Our lawyers will work directly with you to understand the nature and specifics of your accident. From there we will begin building the case for litigation. If the insurance company is unwilling to settle for compensation that is fair, we are ready to go to court in pursuit of advocacy. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience are only exceeded by our commitment to your well-being. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation with our Charleston motorcycle accident attorneys, call 304-553-0830 or email the firm.