Truck Driver Negligence: Compensation For Serious Injuries

Trucking companies are often found to be responsible for accidents. The same is true for truckers. Research studies have shown that truck drivers' errors are a major cause of truck accidents in West Virginia and nationwide. Such mistakes by truck drivers contribute to accidents involving all types of commercial vehicles, including vans and small trucks, as well as big rigs.

Examples of types of truck driver negligence cited in such studies are driving fatigue, inattentive driving, distracted driving, texting while driving, truck driver falling asleep, speeding, improper passing, failure to signal lane changes or turns, driving too fast for the conditions, following other vehicles too closely, failing to maintain directional control, prescription drug use, over-the-counter drug use, inadequate surveillance, unfamiliarity with roads, failure to inspect truck adequately before setting out, to be sure that tires, brakes and lights were in working order & failure to ensure that load was properly secured.

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