Helping The Victims Of Serious Trucking Accidents In West Virginia

Unfortunately for drivers on West Virginia's streets and highways, many trucking companies prioritize profits over the safety of their employees and other drivers and passengers, putting everyone in danger.

It is important to realize that trucking insurance companies have immense resources that they can and will use to try to deny payouts. An attorney is crucial in protecting your rights and helping you work toward the compensation you deserve.

Contact us if you are injured & would like to discuss either of the following situations:

Company Negligence

Trucking company negligence is often a fundamental cause of a truck accident. If you were injured or if a family member was killed in an 18-wheeler accident in West Virginia, Johnstone & Gabhart, LLP, can initiate an investigation to determine why the crash occurred. Was it because of faulty equipment, inadequate driver training, poor screening of candidates for truck driver positions, inadequate training, poor enforcement of industry, state or federal trucking safety regulations or poor truck maintenance practices?

A truck driver has responsibilities to ensure safe trucking practices, and so does the trucking company that employs him or her. If a truck was overloaded or if a truck driver drove too long without taking appropriate breaks, the trucking company may have had a key role in allowing these errors to occur. Failure to instruct and supervise truckers can result in such actions - and other motorists may pay the price.

Is there pressure in the trucking industry to lower standards to meet cargo delivery demands? If so, how do these conditions affect people traveling in cars and other vehicles alongside those the trucks? More importantly, what factors figured into the trucking accident that injured you or your family member? Was the truck that collided with your vehicle in West Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky too heavy for the road it was traveling on?

Safety Violations

Large tractor-trailers are subject to numerous safety regulations that do not apply to smaller trucks and passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, a key area of investigation is whether the trucking company or driver violated those safety regulations.

When a serious truck accident occurs, investigators from the trucking company's insurance carrier are usually on the scene within hours. These investigators have one interest: protecting the insurance company from liability. This usually means looking for a way to blame the accident on you.

To ensure that your interests are protected, it is important to have investigators who are working for you. Our lawyers work with experts to help us collect and preserve evidence of safety violations, including driver logbook violations such as driving too long without a required rest break, weight violations. lack of proper maintenance, unsafe passing, driver negligence, unqualified driver, drug or alcohol use by the driver & speeding.

Many trucks are equipped with GPS systems that can tell our investigators how fast the truck was traveling and what maneuvers, such as lane changes and braking, the driver made before the collision. Unless this evidence and other evidence is preserved, it can go missing in the weeks and months after the accident.

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