Air Bag Recalls: Compensation For Injuries

Whether it is a power tool, a kitchen appliance or a motor vehicle, consumers purchase a product believing it to be safe. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for consumer products to ultimately prove to be unsafe or even dangerous due to either a design or manufacturing defect. If you or a loved one was injured due to a faulty product, we encourage you to contact our firm.

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Defective Air Bags Can Lead To Devastating Injuries

As one of the primary safety features of a motor vehicle, drivers and passengers rely on the proper deployment of an air bag to minimize injuries in a serious collision. If the air bag fails to deploy, deploys unexpectedly or shatters due to faulty materials, catastrophic injuries may occur.

  • General Motors began recalling vehicles in 2014 for a faulty ignition switch that could ultimately cause the vehicle to lose power. Models as early as the 1997 Chevrolet Malibu were recalled. Numerous injuries — including fatalities — have resulted from this defect.
  • The Takata air bag recall now includes nearly 14 million vehicles in the United States, dating back to 2000. A metal canister in the inflating system can burst when the air bag inflates causing metal shards to puncture the fabric of the bag and strike drivers and passengers in the vehicle.

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