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Truck companies should haul freight, not push you around in court

There's a lot happening in and around Charleston and Kanawha County. Local industry enriches the region, largely because of the abundant supplies of natural resources like coal and lumber. The infrastructure is ideally set up with the railroad, waterway and three Interstate highways all coming together in the area. Small wonder there is so much bustle in the community.

The surest way to tell business is booming is the number of trucks moving in and out of the city and the surrounding area. Tractor-trailers haul all manner of raw materials out of the region, and finished goods back to our stores. Unfortunately, where there are commercial trucks, accidents will happen with private vehicles.

Large trucks: good for business, bad for bodies

The definition of a "large truck" according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight greater than 10,000 pounds. That is many times heavier than even the largest pickup truck. Not surprisingly, the passenger vehicle invariably gets the worst of it in an accident with a semi.

Big rig accident victims suffer all kinds of serious injuries such as:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Broken bones
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal injuries

The results may be catastrophic. Injuries like those listed above can lead to long hospital stays, recuperative therapy, the need for home care and extended time away from work. Some victims may never return to life as they once knew it. Not surprisingly, post-traumatic stress disorder often afflicts truck accident victims.

How common are large truck accidents?

Approximately 87,000 large trucks played a role in injury accidents in 2015, and an additional 4,050 were in fatal accidents across the United States. The injury total represents a 62 percent increase from the 2009 figures. For those who may think they're probably safer outside the city, statistics show that 60 percent of all fatal crashes happen on rural roads.

Not surprisingly, most injury crashes (79 percent) occurred during the daytime. People going to and from work seem to be the most common victims: 89 percent of injury accidents happen from Monday to Friday. As most of the accidents happen during the busiest driving times, it is also unsurprising that a collision with another moving vehicle was by far the number one "first harmful event" for both fatal and injury-causing large truck crashes.

Big rig companies put up a big fight after an accident

Truck accidents are a major expense for commercial trucking companies. As such, they all carry insurance, and employ lawyers to fight their battles. Many victims feel pressured into taking inferior settlements before they even have a chance to properly understand their rights.

Rather than let a big company push you around, consider connecting with a local lawyer after your large truck accident. Someone who knows the community, its courts and its people may be the best choice for representation as you fight for the compensation you truly need.

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