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Posts tagged "West Virginia"

State police dealing with the aftermath of massive I-81 pileup

If you were to step outside here in Charleston, you would be greeted by relatively warm temperatures and otherwise comfortable conditions. As it turns out, however, not all of West Virginia has seen such pleasant weather recently, as some parts of the state were even hit with a late season snowfall earlier in the week.

A closer look at the impact of Daylight Savings on coal mining safety

There is a very good chance that you were feeling slightly more fatigued than usual last Monday thanks to Daylight Savings, which studies have shown causes the average American to lose 40 minutes of sleep on the Sunday night after they "spring forward."

Popular food chain facing lawsuit over 'freaky fast deliveries'

The marketing gurus at the major fast food chains here in the U.S. go out of their way to create clever slogans or memorable advertisements in the hopes that potential customers will remember them when debating where to go for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

Accident involving three students stuns West Virginia community

It's a driving maneuver that many people perform on a semi-regular basis: passing another vehicle on a two-lane highway. While this is a perfectly legal action, there is no disputing that it can sometimes prove to be rather nerve wracking due to the relatively high rate of speed involved and the perfect timing needed to get out of the oncoming lane of traffic as quickly as possible.

MSHA: 100 new safety recommendations are now in place

While it may seem hard to believe, we are rapidly approaching the fourth anniversary of the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion, the single largest U.S. coal mining disaster of the last forty years. The accident, which killed 29 miners and injured two others at the West Virginia-based facility, resulted in not only a flood of litigation, but also in massive safety changes across the mining industry.To illustrate, the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration authorized the creation of an internal review team in the immediate aftermath of the fatal event to analyze its actions in the time leading up to the explosion and to offer recommendations moving forward."The internal review was designed to identify shortcomings so that we, as an agency, could take necessary actions to improve mine safety and health," said the assistant secretary of labor for the MSHA. "The result was one of the most comprehensive internal reviews in MSHA history, and the most extensive improvements at the agency in decades."

Study claims to have found solution to reducing alarm fatigue

If you have visited anyone in a hospital setting lately, you might have noticed that the rather sophisticated medical machinery in the rooms throughout the wing emitted a fair number of beeps, buzzing and even alarms.

IIHS report: West Virginia has highest ATV death rate

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety -- the renowned nonprofit dedicated to "reducing the losses from crashes on the nation's roads" -- recently released a rather disturbing report ranking West Virginia incredibly high for a certain class of motor vehicle accident fatalities.

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