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Posts tagged "Car accident"

Analyzing behaviors of West Virginia drivers

Too many factors are in play to attribute any single reason for the increase or decrease of traffic collisions. Nevertheless, West Virginia law enforcement agencies and federal transportation officials analyze crash data to determine how to reduce motor vehicle accidents. Crash prevention campaigns certainly don't add to the problem, but it's hard to measure how much influence they have on negligent drivers.

Totaling damages for West Virginia car accident claims

Losses are added up after a disaster based on the value of the item damaged or destroyed. Depending upon the insurance you carry, payment for the loss of a television in a fire might equal the TV's actual, depreciated value or the cost of replacement at current prices. Human losses are not so easy to measure.

No passing zone crashes kill 2 since April on West Virginia road

Impatience is not a violation of the law unless a person unwilling to wait hurts someone. Some roads are not built to the satisfaction of impatient drivers. You've witnessed people irritated while waiting for a Charleston traffic light to change or seen the scowl of a tailgating driver in a rearview mirror.

Busy West Virginia road, blocked line of sight blamed for crash

Contributory and comparative negligence apply to a court's determination of fault in civil claims when a plaintiff shares responsibility for his or her injuries. Claims Journal outlined the difference between the two in an article published last year. West Virginia is among a majority of states that follow modified comparative negligence rules.

West Virginia farm worker dies in U.S. 35 tractor crash

No one disputes West Virginia farm work is hard work, but the occupation also can be dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 476 farm workers' deaths in 2010, among 1.8 million farmers or farm employees nationwide. The top reason for fatal injuries was tractor rollovers, including those caused by car collisions.

Elderly drivers are safer than some may think, researchers say

No matter how safe a driver may be, there is always a chance that they will be involved in a car accident. They may come upon a drunk driver, someone who is concentrating on their cell phone instead of the road, or even a sleepy truck driver. These situations are hard to predict and even harder to avoid.

Study: Kids with EDS more likely to be struck crossing the street

Most of us know all too well how difficult it can be to go through the day after sleeping for only a few hours the night before. However, as bad as these occasional sleepless nights feel, consider how bad it must be for those suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, a blanket term used to cover such sleep disorders as narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.

Popular food chain facing lawsuit over 'freaky fast deliveries'

The marketing gurus at the major fast food chains here in the U.S. go out of their way to create clever slogans or memorable advertisements in the hopes that potential customers will remember them when debating where to go for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

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